Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Macro-economic indicators - a good source

I found a good source of macro-economic indicators on the Internet. This is on the NY Times web-site. Go to the Blogs section and look for a blog called Economix. There is a really good graphic along the right side of the page. The graphic covers important macro-economic metrics such as the unemployment rate, inventory-to-sales ratio, GDP growth, consumer price index (or inflation), factory orders, durable goods orders, etc. Click for a link here.

Why are these metrics important? Looking across a broad swathe of metrics gives a good blend of the various viewpoints one should consider when forming a view of the economy and where it is headed. And it is extremely clear that while some of the indicators seem to have stabilized and are pointing to a bottom having been reached, it is by no means consistent across indicators.

We have merely gone from all bad news to mostly bad news with some stable news thrown in.

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