Monday, December 28, 2009

Some end of year reading

1. Krugman on the America's own lost decade - link here
The usual Krugman rant on how things are going downhill and accelerating.

2. The Freakonomics blog on the practice of not inflation-adjusting stock returns - link here
Stock returns are seldom adjusted for inflation, transaction costs and taxes. While usually savvy investors do account for these factors, it is easy to get misled unless one reads the fine print.

3. How did buy and hold do in the last 10 years? link here
It is unfair asking a stock picker to pick just one stock. Makes for good headlines but does not really allow the stock picker to demonstrate their skills. The probability that any one company could be impacted by freak events is usually pretty high.

4. Health Statistics and the mammogram controversy - link here (from the WSJ) and here from the Numbers Guy blog
Reading any kind of reporting coming from the US (except sports, maybe) has become a painful drag through the ideology of the author.

5. Happiness - State of mind or state of body? - link here
An interesting 'light' piece of reading. Turns out that they are one and the same thing.

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